JORVIK (York Archaeological Trust)

Jorvik represents one of RMA’s longest standing business relationships, having been forged in 1982. The centre opened three years later. This very famous Viking centre located in the centre of York, combines a more traditional museum with the kind of “edutainment” features that are RMA’s specialty. It¬†proudly displays around 40,000 Viking artifacts on site, all of which were found within the area in which the site is located. It includes the oldest preserved Viking-age timbers in the UK using the technology that had been developed by the York Archaeological Trust.

Based on the success of the original attraction, RMA were delighted to win a refurbishment contract for the entire centre for opening in 2000. RMA succeeded against worldwide competition to design and install the new attraction which was opened on time and on budget.

Our work at the centre has continued successfully and another major refit was undertaken in 2010.

The latest installation involved animatronic figures replacing some of the older static versions. These immersive figures, talk to the visitors in old Norse as they proceed around an archaeological and historic representation of the City of York as it was over a thousand years ago.

The pre-show element was also updated, with a dramatic glass floor over a full scale representation of the original archaeological dig site, which revealed five perfectly preserved houses. It is lit by thousands of metres of fibre optic cables buried under the scenery.


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